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TMS is capable of both, manufacture to order and batch production methods. Our factory completes between 1000 and 1500 units per week, allowing us to service large social housing contracts, at the same time as producing individual premium kitchens and bedrooms to order. This output is achieved by various means, one of which is our highly skilled dayshift nightshift staff. Today at TMS we manufacture round the clock to not only insure a large output of carcases, but to give us greater flexibility to turn round fast track orders as required.

Another way in which we achieve a high manufacturing output is our use of machine optimisation. The TMS Beam saws operate directly from cutting patterns produced by our ordering system. This ensures little to no waste from the form the raw boards and flexibility to batch cut colours slashing cycle times.

We have recently introduced panel labelling software which controls the flow, quantity and location of every single piece part as it travels through the TMS factory to its assembly. This allows us greater identification and tracking of orders, boosting efficencey.

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Manufacturing Capacity